Project Implementation Reports

This page lists project, implementation and technical reports on various topics in multimedia networks. If you are a student you can post a comment with a link to your project report after you sign up.


SIPpeer is a P2P-SIP adapter

SIPpeer [1] is a software that runs on the network or your local machine as an adapter to convert your regular SIP user agent (phone) to a P2P-SIP phone. It demonstrates the first implementation of peer-to-peer Internet telephony using the Session Initiation Protocol (P2P-SIP). It follows the P2P over SIP design model where the P2P maintenance and lookup messages are mapped to SIP. The project report describes the architecture as well as low level design using pseudo-code.

[1] Kundan Singh and Henning Schulzrinne, SIPpeer: A Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based peer-to-peer Internet telephony client adaptor, Implementation Report, Columbia University, New York, NY, 2004.