What is Flash-VideoIO?

The Flash-VideoIO project aims at implementing a generic Flash application named VideoIO.swf which can be used for variety of use cases in audio and video communication, e.g., live camera view, recording of multimedia messages, playing video files from web server or via streaming, live video call and conferencing using client-server as well as peer-to-peer technology. Follow the links below for a tutorial on how to use VideoIO. It is designed to be sequential, hence, even if you need information on a specific use case, I recommend you go through all the topics in sequence for the first time.

    Basic Features
  1. How to embed VideoIO in your web page?
  2. How to show live camera view?
  3. How to work with media server?
  4. How to record and play a video message?
  5. How to play a video file?
  6. How to do two-party video call?
  7. How to do one-to-many video broadcast?
  8. How to do multi-party video conference?
  9. How to do peer-to-peer video call?
  10. How to use the VideoIO API? (complete reference)
  11. Advanced Features
  12. How to do SIP-based VoIP call?
  13. How to embed VideoIO in your Flex application?
  14. How to do video broadcast using multicast group?
  15. How to take snapshot image as binary data?

How to test?

After you have gone through the above tutorial and read How to use the VideoIO API?, you can click on the link below to try out and test the various properties of VideoIO.

Go to the demonstration and testing of VideoIO API

The test page allows you to see the behavior of various properties as you set some properties.

Where to download?

The latest version of VideoIO.swf will be available on the Google code project page. We will keep both debug and release build of the application. You can download it and put it on your web site when you embed VideoIO.

Go to the project download page

Alternatively, if you are not using any JavaScript API, but statically setting the properties using the flashVars API, you can directly link to the VideoIO.swf location.

Where can I get more information?

This is just the hosted web site for demonstration and tutorial of VideoIO application because those require JavaScript. The main project page is hosted on Google code. You can find additional information there, such as contributors, user feedback, frequently asked questions (FAQ), etc.

Go to the project page